isanga bay chillen

Hike to Kalambo Falls
4 hr hike round trip, including a 10 minute boat ride, guide and a packed lunch, (minimum 3 people).
Day trip to Moto-Moto Museum
This includes packed lunch and drinks.
For the keen fishermen, Nkupi, Nile Perch and Rock Salmon and Goliath Tiger abound.
Off the rocky point to the west of the beach. Isanga Bay is home to numerous species of cichlids and other tropical fish. Bring your own gear.
Boat Hire
Excludes fuel.
Have fun on the water for an hour or a day.
Bird watching
Early morning and late afternoon are good times to enjoy the spectacular birdlife around the Lodge and sightings of the Palm-nut vulture are not uncommon.
Sun Bathing and relaxing on the beach
Deck chairs are available. However we like a clean beach and we ask for guests to not put out their cigarette butts in the sand or throw their soft drink bottle tops in the sand.
Sunset gazing
Therapeutic for mind, body and soul, and the sunsets from our Lodge are usually quite exquisite.
Sunset Cruise
It is an ideal way to end an eventful day , providing an opportunity to unwind and relax in the timeless environment . The whole trip is a build up to the gracious glow of the African Sunset on this vast body of water.
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